In much of East Africa a semi-arid climate prevails. As a consequence available water resources are scarce. However, the most basic need to be met for the fast-growing rural and urban population is drinking water. Until recently, solutions to meet this demand were mainly sought by constructing large surface water schemes with pipelines and reticulation schemes. It is now gradually realized that such schemes require very high investments and can at best only meet the water demand of urban populations and very limited numbers of the rural population. At the same time many of the large schemes fall into disrepair, or suffer severe losses of storage capacity due to erosion and siltation of reservoirs. Groundwater has finally become acknowledged as a safe, clean and reliable source of water that can be tapped, if done on the basis of proper hydrogeological knowledge, without becoming depleted. The use of groundwater for water supplies is steadily growing in particular for rural and small urban water supplies.


The company is composed of Ugandans who have extensive local experience in the water sector as well as exposure in some investigation techniques from Europe during training. Our aim is to offer a comprehensive range of services in Hydrogeological work and GIS, backed by a core team of skills and dedicated professionals, with a wide range of skills.


What we offer

The various services and facilities that Geo Drilling Solutions Ltd. can provide include:

  • • Regional water assessment studies
  • • Local groundwater studies
  • • Borehole siting and related investigations
  • • Water balance studies
  • • Well and aquifer testing
  • • Tender preparation
  • • Hydrochemical studies



After the community mobilization and sensitization stage, Geologists do the Hydro Geological Study on the proposed areas. Hydrogeology (hydro- meaning water, and geology meaning the study of the Earth) is the area of geology that deals with the distribution and movement of groundwater in the soil and rocks of the Earth's crust (commonly in aquifers).